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Hand Dryer Range
Our hand dryers are renowned for their quality, durability and longevity, and we lead the way in innovation and product development. We supply the market online and through distributors and wholesalers with whom we have created excellent relationships, and hold stock of all our products
Bremmer has an extensive hand dryer range suitable for use in many locations. Each of our hand dryer products is powerful yet quiet for their class. All our models come in sleek, elegant designs to blend well into any bathroom WC location and kitchen. From the Traditional to the ultra sleek and modern stainless steel Bremmer Executive.

Our hand dryer products are all designed with energy efficiency firmly in mind, saving you as much 90% in the equivalent cost of paper towels. For any situation where hygiene, convenience, economy and safety are all key considerations, you can trust Bremmer hand dryer range to deliver the solutions you need.

Our equipment is ideal for any facility, from high-use, vandalism-prone public areas to quiet business settings, including:
Fast Food Restaurants, Train stations, Bus stations, Office buildings, Schools, Health clubs, Locker rooms, Theatres, Airports
Shopping centers, Sports and concert arenas, Prisons, Hotel rooms, Swimming pools, dressing rooms, Homes and many more!


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We are the most cost competitive hand dryer supplier in the UK. Offering quality hand dryers to those with constrained budget.

The Environment

We aim at running our own operations in an environmentally friendly way and to reduce our CO2 emissions and the for all our hand dryers

Customer Support

We maintain our customer support throughout the sale and after sale process ensuring your requirements are met or exceeded.


If you require installation please contact us for a list of qualified contractors for your area ...


5 year warranty for most hand dryers
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