Model 208

Bremmer AIRpure Hand Drier

Alternative to Airforce BC0326. As part of our innovative approach the new generation of Bremmer UV13 touch free hand dryers. They have protection against micro-organisms built into the dryer at the point of manufacture  sanitising your Hands, Wall, and Floor surfaces. It also helps to remove organic smells and contains a fragrance insert to keep your washroom not only hygieneic but smelling nice as well. With 13 air jets blasting at 288km/h it's ultra fast too.
Model 208

Material Aluminum Alloy
Switchable warm or cool air
Anion purifier
Power supply 220V-240V 50HZ
Induce distance:9-15cm
Motor speed: 25000 r.p.m
Motor power 550W,
Heater 700W
Air speed 288 km/h
Heat air temp.30-50?
Dry time:8-12s
Waterproof level: IPX1
Noise: 76db
Size: 270*210*182mm,
Weight: 4.1kgs
Chrome finish